Bank Princess Alice


The Princess Alice Bank is a submarine mountain with an extensive area of ​​shallow depths, is located 50 nautical miles southwest of the island of Pico.


carta_spots_especiaisThe Bank reaches a minimum depth of 35 m in its western region, with an area of ​​less than 500 m depth occupy more than 100 km².

With clear waters that allow the observation of the bottom from the surface and a huge biodiversity, the Bank, in addition to being a fishing resort par excellence, is one of the most important places for diving in the Atlantic Ocean.


Rais Princesa AliceIt is known as one of the best, if not the best dive site in the Azores. This “deserved reputation” due to the presence, almost guaranteed, large groups of giant oceanic manta ray and huge schools of pelagic fish, combined with excellent visibility often exceeding 30-40 meters.

Fishing has this Bank also particularly relevant for either jigging or to Big Game Fishing, the huge amount of tuna, blue marlin, whites, greaters amberjacks, barracudas and wahoos that occupy these waters.

Will surely provide you an unforgettable day at sea!

The abundance of fish species of the Azores makes it possible for you to capture the specimens that any sports fisherman dreams of.

The Azores are today a world reference in diving, with moderate temperatures and good visibility of the waters.

Searching for trophies? We are here to provide them. Whether benthic or pelagic, just tell us where to start.

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