Condor Bank and Bank Azores

Carta de Spots Especiais

Are our major destinations, in conjunction with the Bank Princess Alice, when we seek a meeting with the big blue marlin and big tuna.


Banks of excellence for the various activities of fishing (big game fishing, jigging and bottom fishing), for its size, depths and distances from shore.

The Condor is about 15 miles from the island of Pico and minimum depths of around 200m.

The Bank Azores is distant from the Pico Island, about 25 miles and has a minimum depth of around 150m.

The abundance of fish species of the Azores makes it possible for you to capture the specimens that any sports fisherman dreams of.

The Azores are today a world reference in diving, with moderate temperatures and good visibility of the waters.

Searching for trophies? We are here to provide them. Whether benthic or pelagic, just tell us where to start.

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